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Level Up


1) in computer games to win points and gain new skills for your character

2) to increase something in order to remove a disparity

Level Up Mental Health training wants to help you Level up.

Levelling up your knowledge - increasing your awareness of mental illnesses, what causes them, what they look like, how they are treated and how people recover from them.  How to talk to people experiencing poor mental health and how you can help them through the tough times and provide support.  We believe that by acquiring these skills you can make a better school or more productive workplace.

We also want to eliminate the stigma of mental illness by levelling up the disparity between the way physical and mental illnesses are perceived, treated and supported.

Our goal is to improve the lives of people experiencing poor mental health by helping to create environments where they are supported to recover.  We also want to help people reduce the stress in their own lives, encourage self-care, and think about preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of mental illness. 

Dr Cheryl Hawkins MBBS MRCPsych


Level Up Mental Health Training is led by Dr Cheryl Hawkins, a trained psychiatrist and foster carer, who has had her own battles with anxiety and depression.  After supporting several children with poor mental health through school she started to see the need for good quality mental health training for schools and trained with Mental Health First Aid England.  She is now an Instructor Member approved by MHFA England to deliver Adult MHFA and Youth MHFA training. She has also developed her own training resources for faith communities and other organisations.  

Cheryl loves having the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience of mental illness and is a passionate speaker who can adapt her training to suit the needs of your organisation.

Feedback from our courses


Great and necessary course for anyone working with young people. Cheryl is an excellent instructor. Thank you!

Excellent use of personal stories to help use as examples to explain the different types of mental health.

Cheryl was patient and supportive with technical glitches. Useful having her phone number to text.

Cheryl was knowledgeable and gave us confidence in our approach to a young person in crisis in the way we can try to help and support them.

The course was informative, and I found the individual learning actives and tasks accompanied with the teaching worked extremely well. The videos provided were engaging and remained focussed on the topic. I particularly felt Cheryl dealt with some of the topics that were difficult, with a high level of sensitivity and care. There was briefing prior to some of the topics. I would have possibly liked a debrief however I believed the course was excellent and I feel it will be so important for my organisation in supporting with our service users. It has now prompted me to continue further learning around mental health and building on what I have learnt from the course. Thanks to Cheryl again for her delivery of the course and demonstrating her passion.


Really enjoyable and engaging course...really useful for me going forward


The course is very good at highlighting all the different aspects of mental health. it doesn't just talk about depression but all the other areas that affect young people. The videos were very good and engaging. Especially the personal testimonies. The website is very well presented and the lessons run very well on this platform.


Thanks so much, Cheryl. This has been invaluable


Really useful thank you. Even late on a Thursday evening it has been very accessible, informative and great to network with fellow carers too


Fantastic course - really interesting and it is great to be able to access it from home. Really enjoyed the break out rooms and being able to discuss aspects of the course. It is very thought provoking and helped me to look at support for mental health from a new perspective



Cheryl was a brilliant instructor during the course and I felt re-assured and supported by her. The online sessions were very informative and teamwork was really nicely encouraged by Cheryl.


The content of the course is extremely valuable and the book will be a very helpful resource for me on a longer term. I'm confident that I will be able to use my knowledge to support my own child and other young people in the future. Thank you so much Cheryl!


are we?

We are based in Leicester, England, but are happy to travel within the UK.  We also do online training . Talk to us or see our training pages for more details.